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caraмel ѕhorty
this Girl :
adores Jesus. 20. traveller. born & raised on an island far far away. can't live without family. snores like madness sometimes. wishes to be left-handed. likes playing with candle wax. would love to get a dog & name it Freckles or Shorty.

perfume. mascara. nailpolish. sarcasm. central park. tennis. volleyball. skiing. food. picnicking. photography. movies. (online)shopping. creativeness.


PS: most pictures aren't mine, unless stated otherwise.

Brazil - Côte d’ivoire (3-1)

Need I say more ..?
I think NOT!

Today is..

Father’s day
Ice Cream Soda Day

Growing up, I never had a teddy to hold on to.
However, I always carried my gold one with my necklace!

I wasn’t one of those teddy-cuddling kids I guess.
& I couldn’t even sleep with a teddy in my arms,
next thing I knew, it was lying on the floor!

So the only teddy I ever adored, was my all time favourite pendant! 
It’s such a pity I lost it one day …


Nobody is worth your tears
& the one who is won’t make you cry!

Unfortunately I’m not a dancer. & I say unfortunately just because of this dance!
I really like it, it’s something else! The way they move to the beat is just lovely!

Today is..

World Sauntering Day

Ps: Let’s all just saunter away, today.

Fortune cookie

”One advantage of talking to yourself,
is that you know that at least one person is listening.”

Today is..

International Panic Day

Ps: I myself had a panic attack today… & usually I don’t!

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Today is a life-changing day, hopefully it’s for the better!

Today is a life-changing day, hopefully it’s for the better!